For 25 years RiaWatech has been active designing and delivering manure drain systems for pigsties

RIA VAC system for pigsties

The RIA VAC is a high-capacity manure drain system guaranteeing manure flow as required from ducts inside the pigsty to external tanks.

The RIA VAC system is custom-designed depending on manure output from pig farm types: for pedigree pigs, pregnant sows, delivery, nursery, piglet breeding, fattening.

The RIA VAC is designed as a complete manure drain system including: pipeline system inside pigsty buildings and outside, with water locks before preliminary tanks and main tanks, and with manure pumping stations.

  • The RIA VAC system guarantees high capacity due to application of large-diameter inlets.
  • Due to its cylindrical design, the RIA VAC system guarantees 100% tightness of manure drain ducts all the way to inlets
  • The RIA VAC guarantees a longer usability of polymer-and-concrete plugs used for sealing in stationary acid-proof manure drain systems.

    RIA VAC SYSTEM for mink farms

    The RIA VAC system for mink farms is designed as a vacuum system or as a return flush system.


    Made from environment-friendly PEHD. Fitted with dry pumps guaranteeing a direct manure flow from the pigsty to tanks. The pumping station operates in a closed environment, which prevents from releasing smell. The delivery scope includes a complete set of connections, joints and fittings. Our fittings are specially designed for the aggressive manure environment.

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