For 25 years PROAGRIA has been active designing and manufacturing fittings for industry-scale fish farming in natural or purpose-made water reservoirs.

We manufacture complete systems with pipelines, tanks and fittings, in particular with gate valves and penstocks for liquid media flow control.

PROAGRIA program includes fittings made from materials suitable for fresh water or for sea water - stainless steel, acid-proof steel, with salt water-proof coat, or made from PEHD - environment and fish farming-friendly material.

PROAGRIA manufactures functional and profitable systems. Each our design is a custom design. We use our long-term fish farming experience, for instance from salmon fish farming farms in Norway and Chile.

PROAGRIA disposes of a network of sales offices, agents, and representatives in many countries. Our experts know local fish culture conditions and traditions, which guarantees the highest level of professionalism in the selection of solutions.

PROAGRIA Miljø A/S • Aggershusvej 7 • DK 5450 • tlf: +45 64 82 40 00 • fax: +45 64 82 36 23 •
PROAGRIA Landbrug A/S • Aggershusvej 7 • DK 5450 • tlf: +45 64 82 40 00 • fax: +45 64 82 36 23 •